Do Humans Have Telekinetic Powers

Is telekinesis real.

Is Telekinesis Real

Let's face it the ability to move objects by mental (see definition;) or kinetic powers would be a very handy skill to have. But is it actually possible or is it all just a myth that is a fun part of the sci-fi world of movies and comic heroes.

An open mind here is very important because while telekinesis has not been scientifically proven to exist... as yet, or at least if it has it has been kept strangely quiet. It equally has not been disproven either, so by association we can conclude that yes telekinetic power is possible.

One startling fact that stands out in favour of telekinesis being real is the amount of governments who are actively trying to develop this mind power. Scary stuff! Especially when you know the abuse that would inevitably happen should they succeed.

Or maybe they already have succeeded, who can really know.

Total Control

The real power of telekinesis is not just confined to the 'moving objects' theme so widely talked about because there are more facets to the equation than at first meets the eye and each of them offer a form of control.

Control of light waves, magnetic fields, sound waves, healing, shape illusions, teleportation and telepathy are just some things to give serious thought to here but there are many more that would also come into play.

So is it any wonder the rulers of planet Earth want to harness this mental power to keep us enslaved.

The only things that are probably preventing telekinesis from being actively used are, the human mind not being strong enough or we are going about harnessing it the wrong way because there is no question that in theory we should all be fully capable.

It is possible we may need assistance to project the electro-magnetic pulses from either a stimulant or a device that we have to wear that would ignite the required action somewhat like a remote control, who knows.

Pros and Cons For Telekinetic Powers

Simply making two lists, one for and one against is not a good exercise when the subject is stuck in a popular scientific vacuum because bias will always seep in making objective impossible.

However let's not have that stand in our way!

Pros First then;

Not been disproven

The Human Mind Is Capable Of Amazing Things

Governments are Interested

Galileo Was Right

Not much in the pro list is there?

The cons;

Telekinesis has never been performed under test conditions

The Randi prize has never been claimed

The most popular proof 'demos' are not Telekinesis

It has never been proved by science

Is Telekinesis Real | Conclusion

Looking at it objectively it really is just a yes/no thing. You either believe telekinesis is real or you don't and until something solid is put on the table the jury is out.

I think it is possible for the simple reason that we are virtually ignorant as to the real capabilities of the human mind in all areas. That and the fact that 'mind control' does exist means that moving up a level or two is perfectly attainable by us as a species.

I see no reason why people cannot train the mind to do telekinesis or indeed anything no matter how absurd it may seem. Telekinetic training cannot do any harm and there has to be positive benefits to keeping the brain active and stimulated so why not give it a go.

The Randi prize of $1 million for the first documented proof of telekinesis in action is a good enough reason to try your luck don't you think!

My belief is that deep meditation (scroll down) may be the key to unlocking our mental powers and that is the way I am going about it. Hey that's just me, I like to shake some trees and see what falls.

But to answer the question, is telekinesis real? I like to think so, but you must decide for yourself.

"Telekinesis" In Action

This is the famous Psi Wheel Demo which is a physical and not a mental manipulation of the wheel and one which sceptics love pointing out.

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